Exceptional AVIS ArtCar cars created in Lithuania

Encouraged by the Artcar projects implemented by Avis Europe, for the first time in the history of Lithuania and the Baltic States, the car rental company Avis Lithuania has introduced exceptional ArtCar vehicles. It was new and modern VW Up! urban baby cars. The design of one of the ArtCars was created by the students of Vilnius Academy of Arts with the supervisor prof. Ausra Lisauskiene. The process of creating the design of the other ArtCar was open to anyone wishing to participate.

In early June, the students of Vilnius Academy of Arts started working on their own projects and presented approximately 60 VW's Up! designs. The best 16 works were selected for further refinements. The other ArtCar car design was open to the members of the public. A competition was arranged for the potential authors where anyone willing to participate had to visit the website www.avis.lt , fill out the form and send an image of the future ArtCar. The competition attracted many participants who presented nearly 50 original designs. The best 5 works that were sent via internet were selected to the finals.

The jury had a hard time selecting the finalists, because all of the works were equally original and of high artistic value. The jury included Prof. Audrius Klimas, the Rector of Vilnius Academy of Arts, the Head of the Department Head of Graphic Design Prof. Ausra Lisauskiene, the representatives of the magazines Auto Bild Lietuva, Top Gear, web portals gazas.lt and lrytas.lt, and the managing staff of the companies AVIS Lithuania and 3M.

The design called “Forest” by Katazina Caplinskaja was announced to be the winner among the works of the students of the Department of Graphic Design of Vilnius Academy of Arts. The second winner was a sixteen-years-old Justas Eidimtas from Klaipeda with his “Open Me”. Justas was given an opportunity to drive a car with his own created design all the weekend in Vilnius, and AVIS Lithuania took care about the fuel and accommodation.

The cars were decorated using unique “Car Wrap” materials from the Department commercial graphics of 3M.

AVIS Artcar competition received wide coverage in the Lithuanian media. During the period of competition, approximately 40 internet news and car news portals were reporting on the progress of the competition. The website statistics of AVIS Lietuva” has increased by 41%, and the number of Facebook fans rose to over 2000. Moreover, the above-mentioned unique cars were displayed during popular cultural and sports events in Lithuania: motorsports race “Omnitel 1000 km.”, Klaipeda event “Juros svente”, festival “Tebunie naktis”, etc.

These exceptional AVIS ArtCar cars are now available to book and rent for all the AVIS Lietuva clients.