On the Road in Lithuania

Driving in Lithuania

Drive on the right hand side. Seatbelts are compulsory, including in the rear of the car. Insurance companies may not pay if you are not wearing one.
Headlights must be used at both day and night, whole yea. You must have your vehicle registration papers and licence with you at all time.

Useful and Important Numbers

Police emergency call - 112
Fire department emergency call - 112
Ambulance emergency call - 112

Speed limits and Formation

Speed limits are as follows:
50 km per hour in built-up areas
80 km per hour outside built-up areas, and
100/110/130 km per hour on highways
(depends from road and season)

Roads Toll information

Lithuanian roads and highways and free of charge for light vehicles.
Buses, heavy vehicles and their combinations as well as special road vehicles have to purchase special vignette (sold in fuel stations) and stick it on front window.

Parking on the sidewalk is illegal except where signs indicate otherwise. Parking is paid. You can pay at the nearest parking meter. The size of the parking charge depends on what zone of the city you parked your car in.
The Old Town's belongs to the red zone, the charge is 1 Litas for 20-minute parking.
Around the Old Town, in the centre of the city there is the yellow zone, the charge is 1 Litas for 30-minute parking. A part of the centre and the territory around - green zone, the parking charge there is 1 Litas per hour.


Outside of open hours fuel is commonly available from automatic pumps that accept all available Litas notes or credit cards.

Normal unleaded petrol has an octane rating of 95; unleaded super has an octane rating of 98. Unleaded petrol is called benzinas. Likewise, diesel is called dyzelinas; and LPG is called dujos.

Mobile phones

You are not permitted to use a mobile phone while driving unless it has a hands free connection

Drinking and driving

In Lithuania you are not allowed to drive when you have a an alcohol concentration of more than 0,4 pro mille. The law is very strict, random testing is carried out and if convicted you will loose your license, receive a heavy fine and may be imprisoned. If you hold a driving license and are traveling in a car with a drunk driver or carry open drinks in saloon of the car, you are equally responsible under Lithuania law. In case of an accident, your car, accident and health insurance may all be made void if it is shown that you were under the influence of alcohol. As in all countries it is safer not to drink and drive at all!

Regulation concerning child safety in cars

Each child must now be secured by a child safety seat or a seat belt.
For children under the age of 12, child safety seats are mandatory.

Avis offers you a variety of child safety seats for rent; naturally, these seats meet the highest criteria in security and comfort.
If you need child seats for your rental car, please do inform us at the time of rental, so that we can provide you with the model best suited for your child.

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