How does the Avis reservation system work?
Avis "Speed of service" - world-wide reservations in a matter of seconds.
Avis is working world-wide with a standartised computer system for reservations and rentals, the "Wizard" system. It is real-time online system that transfers reservations via satellite within seconds. Thus we are able to send your reservation to the farthest corner of the world and confirm it to you immediately.
Information regarding rates, rental conditions, station addresses, vehicle types, insurance conditions and many more is also immediately available. Please do contact our international reservations office on +3705 230 68 20 or simply reservation directly on the internet.

Are there any modifacation or cancellation fees?
Online "Pay later" bookings can be cancelled and modified free of charge.

Is it possible to make a reservation for a specific car model?
We gladly confirm the chosen car group.
We can note your preference for a specific model in your reservation. Our rental station will then try to provide the model you desire.

Is it possible to rent a vehicle for a long period of time?
We can offer you an interesting solution for this situation as well.
For private long-term rentals, please do contact our office on +3705 230 68 20 or If You want to increase the flexibility of Your company, our product "Avis Mini-leasing" is the right solution for you!

Rental conditions in Lithuania

Your wishes and needs determine our offer.
We can offer you a flexible weekend rental rates, special rates for your vacation worldwide Avis network, etc.
On the other hand, we also offer special conditions for companies with a large demand for rental cars in Lithuania or abroud.
Ask us, and we will find the ideal solution for you!
Most of our rates include unlimited kilometres (or a limited number of kilometres), collision damage waiver, accident insurance and theft cases, civil liability insurance, contract tax and VAT.
For more detailed iformation, please do look at our Rental conditions or contact our office on +3705 230 68 20 or

Methods of payment
You can pay for rental car using an Avis method of payment or any recognised international credit card.
Cash payment is only accepted in exceptional cases and needs to be discussed directly with the rental location concerned.
For rentals of L and G groups cars, we required two different credit cards.
For more detailed information, please do look at our Rental conditions or contact our office on +3705 230 68 20 or

The minimum age for car rental in Lithuania is 21 years.
The minimum age for luxury car rentals is 25 years.
For more detailed information, please do look at our Rental conditions or contact our office on +3705 230 68 20 or

Driving license
Have you held a driving license for at least one year? Then you already fulfil one important rental condition.
Please do not forget your driving license when picking up a rental car. Due to legal reason, we are not allowed to rent cars without checking this document.
For more detailed information, please do look at Rental conditions or contact our office on +3705 230 68 20 or


Third party liability
These are compulsory insurances in case you damage someone or something else, including passengers and their property, in the rented vehicle. By law, these are included in your rental price

Vehile damage cover
If the rental car is damaged, this will cover the cost of repairs. You will, however, have to pay a fixed amount of 1000 Euro plus TAX towards the repair costs. This is known as the excess. This applies regardless of whether you were at fault.

Vehile thef cover
If the rental car is stolen, this will cover the cost of replacing it (or parts of it). You will, however, have to pay an excess of 1000 Euro plus TAX towards these costs.

Renter's liability in case of damage, accident and theft
The renter is liable for all charges, up to the amount of liability costs or value of the vehicle, incurred by Avis. Charges are considered among others vehicle damage, loss of car's value by theft, reduction in value, transportation, expert assessment, claims handling fee, loss of use, third party deductible and insurance bonus loss. The renter is liable until Avis personnel gives written confirmation that the vehicle has been returned free from damage. If the vehicle is returned before or after opening hours, or not at the agreed destination, the renter is liable until Avis determines that the vehicle is damage free and advises the renter to that effect.
General Limitations of Use
The renter takes note of and agrees that the use of the car is not allowed in the following circumstances and he acknowledges to be liable for all damages in case of disregard of these limitations:
  • to transport illegal or dangerous goods
  • to carry passengers for a consideration express or implied
  • to use for learning purposes
  • to propel, tow, move or push any vehicle or trailer
  • to participate in motor sport events, car races, rallying, competitions, test and training runs on racing courses, in orientation and motocross competitions, record-breaking attempts, reliability competitions, endurance and consumption competitions
  • in no case must the vehicle be driven by any person under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Unlimited Liability
The renter undertakes to protect the interest of Avis and of the insurance company in case of an accident during the term of this rental by
  • completely accurately and truthfully filling in the accident report
  • obtaining names and addresses of parties involved and of witnesses
  • not admitting liability or guilt
  • not abandoning said vehicle without adequate provisions for safeguarding and securing same
  • advising by telephone the nearest Avis station at the expense of Avis
  • notifying the police immediately if another party's guilt has to be ascertained, or if people are injured
The renter is liable for any damages accruing to Avis from any breach of obligations under Terms and Conditions of Rental Agreement.

Excess reduction
You can reduce both Collision Damage Waiver and Theft Protection

Personal accident insurance
Should you have an accident during the rental as a driver or passenger, this will cover accidental death, some medical expenses and assistance and rescue. If you already have holiday insurance you may not need this, but please check in advance.


We offer you large variety of vehicles to choose from a small two-door car to a minibus.

Runing period of the vehicles
Our cars usually stay in the fleet for less than 12 months.

Security and equipment
Our vehicles are always kept in optimal condition, which guarantees you maximum security. The vehicle are checked and cleaned for you before each rental. Power steering demobiliser, airbags and anti-locking brakes are standart equipment. Most of our cars are equipped with air conditioning system.
You can also rent additional equipment for children, infant seat, navigation equipment.

Special questions regarding cars
Do I have refuel before returning the car?
In this case, we charge you the effective costs, in other words the petrol costs and a refuelling charge. As an alternative, we offer you the "prepaid gas option".
This condition is valid for all Avis rental offices and for all types off pertol.

Is it possible to cross the border in a rental car?
In general yes - but, due to insurance related reasons, certain car types are subject to restrictions. Please do mention your plans to cross the border and the countries you intend to enter when making your reservation. It is not allowed to enter or drive through the following countries: Russia, Belarus. Special conditions cross border rental Kaliningrad. Except car rental with Avis driver.

Is it possible to return the vehicle outside the opening hours?
Besides the common practise to return the vehicle during the opening hours at one of our stations, you can also return the vehicle outside the opening hours using the key drop boxes provided for this purpose.
In such case, please do park the vehicle on one of the marked Avis parking spaces - don't forget to lock the car!
Then note the mileage reading and date and time of the return on the rental agreement and put it into the key drop box together with the car key.
Please note that you are responsible for the vehicle until the station opens again.

Are your vehicle equipped with winter tyres?
Definetely yes!
All of our vehicles are equipped for the winter season (since 1st of November till 15th of April) with winter tyres, ice scrapers. For this special equipment which guarantees your safety, we charge a small winterising fee 4,35 euro plus VAT per day. Reserve a car online, this fee is included in the price.


Additional charges on the credit card
You have prepaid your rental and have nevertheless been debited on your credit card?
Have you concluded any additional insurance at the time of rental, asked for an additional driver, rented special equipment or returned the vehicle without refuelling?
These supplementary services are payable at the time of rental and cannot be prepaid.
If none of these options applies to your rental, please do contact our customer service department. In order to treat your request properly, we need either the rental agreement number, the reservation number or time and place of the rental as well as the renter's name.

VAT appears on the rental agreement althought it was included in the rate?
VAT appears separately on the rental agreement although it was included in the rate you reserved?
Due to legal reasons, we are obliged to reveal VAT separately on the rental agreement. However, it is not charged on your credit card again.

Insurance charges appear on the rental agreement althought they were included in the rate?
Insurance charges appear separately on the rental agreement although they were included in the rate you reserved?
Due to book-keeping related reasons, insurance charges appear separately on the rental agreement. However, they are not charged on your credit card again.

On which amount is the discount applied?
Discount is applied on the time and mileage portion of the rate.

Under what condition do you charge an additional day?
A rental day is charged for each full or commenced 24-hour-period, starting at the pick-up time. For the return of the vehicle, we grant you a 59 minutes' grace period. An additional day is charged if this period is exceeded.

Refund for unused rental days
Is there a refund if I return the vehicle prior to the agreed return date?
Yes, except there is no refund for unused rental days if the rental has been prepaid using a "car rental voucher".

Detailed invoice
You have used your credit card to pay for the rental and need a detailed invoice for your expense report?
If a copy of the rental agreement is not sufficient for your expense report, you can request a detailed invoice at our customer service department.
In order to treat your request properly, we need either the rental agreement number, the reservation number or time and place of the rental as well as the renter's name.

What does airport surcharge mean?
Airport surcharge per rental agreement is levied for rentals at airport locations (in some countries for rentals at railway stations as well).

Whom can I contact for information regarding an invoice / a debit?
If you have any questions regarding an invoice or a debit, please do contact our office
on +3705 230 68 20 or

What is the period allowed for payment?
In general, our invoices are payable upon receipt without any deductions.

Is it possible to have our employees' rentals invoiced to the company?
As corporate methods of payment, we can offer you Avis credit cards or Avis car rental vouchers - for free - under the condition that you have signed a corporate agreement with Avis.
If you don't have an agreement with Avis yet, please do contact our corporate sales representatives or on +3705 230 68 20 so that we can arrange for a visit at your company.
Further information on this topic is found under Corporate Customers.
It is not possible to have a rental invoiced to the company without having signed an agreement with Avis.

Collect miles/ points with Avis

What do I have to do in order to have my miles/ points credited by Avis?

I am an Avis Preferred member
You can have your frequent traveller membership number stored on your card profile than the miles/points are credited automatically.

I am not an Avis Preffered member
Please do indicate your membership number when making a reservation or present your membership card at the time of rental.

Here you find more information about our free Avis Preferred Service

Are all rental authorised for a creditof miles/ points?
In general, the following rentals do not authorise any credit of miles/points: utility van rentals, replacement car rentals, rentals on tour operator and net rates and rentals at discounted rates for travel industry and airline staff.

How long does it take for the miles/ points to be credited?
The credit usually appears on your next monthly report. In exceptional cases, however, it may a little longer than that.

Whom can I contact if the miles/ points have not been credited?
If your rental authorises a credit of miles/points and the last two monthly reports did not state any credit, please do send a copy of the rental agreement directly to the company you are collecting miles/points with.

How many miles/ points are credited per rental?
You need to decide on one single program per rental. Information regarding the number of miles/points credited is found under Partners.

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